Babywearing is quite the rage these days. You’ll see women (and men!) wearing their infants in the supermarket, the park and pretty much everywhere else! There is a smile and a nod passed between babywearers as they spot each other because they know they’re some of the ones who have discovered the secret to a happy baby and an easy shopping trip.

No more carrier balanced unsafely on the cart seat. No more sore shoulders and back as you switch arms and juggle baby plus whatever else you’re holding. No more one-handed work because the other is occupied with baby butt.

A healthy benefit is that your baby remains close, fortifying the bond between the two of you and giving you the freedom to worry less over what’s going on in the next room or having to lug around a heavy stroller. Sure, those strollers have neat features, but when you can carry a piece of cloth that weighs less than five pounds instead, isn’t that the easier option? Less worry for you, less strain on your back and frustration with assembly.

With most baby carriers, the way the baby is held leaves both your arms free. The strain on your back is minimal, if any, and the carriers are designed to be very easy to use. You have your child within immediate reach while still being able to go about your day normally.

People will stop and ask you what that device you have your kid in is. Some will tsk and tell you you’re coddling your baby too much. Some will smile and nod and think you’re one of those ‘crazy hippies.’ A few will pause for thought and realize that you’ve got a great idea there with that contraption and ask you where you found it.

My personal favorite is the Moby Wrap. You can get them at with dozens of options available.

With the Moby Wrap, you have many different styles of carry open to you. There’s even a wrap and hold for infant twins. The Moby can hold your child up to 35 pounds comfortably, using either a front or back carry.

Our Moby Wraps have kept going strong through (now) two kids and are continuing to be one of the more useful baby items we’ve gotten. I use one almost every time I go to the grocery store and I always get comments about how happy the little one looks or what a good idea it is to have him so close in such a public place.

Moby Wrap: highly recommended.

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