I sell cloth diapers.

Because I want to help families save money while saving the environment. Using cloth diapers can save you about $2000 over the course of your child’s potty training and can be reused for subsequent babies, saving you even more!
(Price estimate is from Costco and Walmart)
$40 for 200 diapers / 10-15 diapers a day / 200 diapers last about 15 days / $80 a month / 2 – 3 years to potty train = $1920 – 2880 in diapers.

Cloth diapers will run you more at startup but last for years and are so much more cost-effective.

Starting cost of cloth diapering varies by how often you want to do laundry. With 20 diapers, you’re looking at a load a day. With 50, you can go a few days without washing but you’ll need accessories like a diaper pail. Detergent cost goes up a little per year, as does the water cost for washing, but overall this adds up to less than $150 (unless there’s something wrong with your washing machine or you’re using really expensive detergent).

Care of cloth diapers is simple – rinse if desired, wash but don’t bleach, dry like normal clothes, occasionally spot clean or sun-dry to eliminate spots. Diapers should last you at least two years with regular care and even longer with gentle care. The ones I have are going on two years with no problems or much wear and tear at all.

Overall, cloth diapers are friendly to the Earth and friendly to your budget. There are many kinds out there, so research which kind would be the best for you and your needs. Try a few before settling on one brand or type. My recommendations are below based on my own experiences and I sell the brands and types I have used as a testimonial.

The kind I use are by Dri-Line and they are the Snug-to-Fit and Bamboo Baby lines.

The Snug-to-Fit diapers have snaps to allow for growth. You can snap them to fit infants and unsnap them to fit all the way up to toddler size. There are three sizes to each diaper!
Note: These diapers do not come with a cover so you would have to have a separate cover if you wanted that option.

They’re cotton (bleached) and polyester and very soft. The ones I use have velcro closures so it’s easy to change a diaper in a rush or with one hand. They also come with snaps rather than velcro but I find the velcro is much easier for us and for Kiddopants now that he’s potty training. He takes the diaper off himself and uses the potty. He can also put the diaper back on himself if he really wants to.

There is also an unbleached option that’s available with the same velcro or snap closure and the one-size-fits-most snaps.

And a printed option for those desiring something more colorful.

This is the Bamboo Baby All In One diaper. It comes with an outside liner to keep in leaks. There are snaps to let the diaper grow with your child just like with the Snug to Fit type, giving you three options for size in one. I recommend the velcro closure but they are available with snaps.

These come in a bunch of colors, all pastel-y and pretty.

The inner lining is a soft, soft bamboo. It’s very absorbent.

There’s a non-covered option available with the Bamboo Baby diapers. These can be made extra thick for nighttime use. Cover is optional; these are thick enough to be ok without a cover if you’re diligent about nighttime changing. These would need to be ordered in sizes because they do not have sizing snaps. They come in velcro or snap closure.

You can email me with questions about cloth diapering or if you want more information about these types of diapers. You can order some via email as well! I sell on eBay and on my own site, LoveIsForYou.com. The site is more for advertising locally at this point, however.


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